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 -All window films carry a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty

-Infrared rejecting window film available

-High quality installation

-Satisfaction guaranteed

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*Free mobile service within basic service area, with a $140 minimum.  $35 mobile service fee added to invoices under stated minimum. Basic service area comprises a 25 mile (40 km) radius from Nothgate.   Additional charge of $1.25 per mile for extended service area.

Why Tint Your Glass

1- Window film 
Protects your valuable vehicle investment 
from the harsh and damaging rays of the sun.


   2- Film Guards against skin cancer and premature signs          of aging by blocking 99% of incoming
UVA & UVB rays.  
   Additionally, infrared rejecting film blocks up to 80% of infrared

 3- It Binds fragmented glass that occurs during a collision, possibly deterring injury from otherwise flying glass.

   4- Film als
Reduces incoming heat from the sun by as          much  as 54% in hot weather, while insulating glass to          keep    additional heat conserved during cold weather.

 5- It 
Offers varying levels of privacy—from conservative shading, to strictly silhouette visibility, to completely opaque.

    7- Glass film Deters theft 
by keeping would be burglars from seeing an item worth targeting inside of your vehicle.

Solar Radiation

In the breakdown of highly damaging solar radiation, there are three main components; UV-A, UV-B, and infrared radiations. 

All of the films carried by Axiom Glass Tinting block 99% of UV-A UV-B rays.

By upgrading to infrared-rejecting window film, up to 80% of the remaining spectrum of the sun's awesomely powerful radiation is protected against.

Many of our customers decide to invest the marginal cost, when spread over the total time owning and driving their vehicle, to completely protect their skin and property from damage due to the sun's rays.

To decide if infrared rejecting film is right for you, first determine if your chief intention is privacy and aesthetic appeal, or protection from the sun's powerful energy.

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